Turn Entrepreneurial Ideas into Successful Business Ventures

We transform aspiring entrepreneurs into accomplished ones

At Spinta Accelerator, we help working professionals and budding student entrepreneurs enhance their business ideas with our domain and technology expertise to provide maximum returns on their investments. We work as a force multiplier for our startup partners enabling them to extend their capabilities and strengths.

Who are we?

A team of expert professionals from different domains

We are an exceptional team of mentors, support staff, service partners and peer entrepreneurs from multiple disciplines. We possess the right blend of industrial insight, technical knowledge and business acumen to increase the effectiveness of a startup's ability to transform into a successful enterprise.

How can we succeed together?

We don't believe in Big Leaps to success!

Unlike other accelerator programs, we do not have a cookie cutter, volume focused approach. We are highly selective and provide our startup members with an unparalleled experience. As a matter of fact, we work with only a handful of startups at a time! We help you take calculated but agile approach such that you can iteratively build on your idea and minimize the risk-laden big leaps that might lead to undesirable outcomes.

How do we make it happen?

Make your ideas grow bigger, better and stronger

As a Force Multiplier we employ an agile and individualized 3-step Katalystâ„¢ process that encompasses a comprehensive array of services in an effective sequence. We work closely with our startup members and change the equation in their favor by applying a potent combination of expertise and resources. Our deliverables:
  • Listen to your ideas
  • Provide expert business opinions from mentors
  • Prepare a realistic business plan
  • Offer technical, intellectual and infrastructural support
  • Provide cutting edge software development services and collaboration technologies
  • Create marketing, branding and product development strategies
  • Support Pilots and Proof-Of-Concepts
  • Help you win your first few customers
  • Connect you to investors to fund your venture