"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"

– Steve Jobs

Client: Oil and Gas

Over 70% of the employees in the Oil and Gas sector use mobile devices with applications which is a clear indication that there's a lot of scope of enterprise mobility. Spinta global accelerator along with its technological partner KloudData, helped in developing technological applications which made information access simple and sorted for all the employees of this Oil and Gas plant. These applications enhanced the sales force productivity and also improved customer engagement.

Retail outlet (RO) Dealer Application


There were challenges in terms of tracking activities of the sales forces and also capturing primary and secondary sales. Employees were unable to work on online/offline mode whereas all the retailers' account details were not systematically maintained which led to a lot of disturbance in the regular functioning of this Oil and Gas plant. There were hindrances in maintaining comprehensive RO analysis as will.

Spinta Solution:

With closer inspection and understanding of the problems faced by this Oil and Gas plant, Spinta provided technological solutions which helped the sales and marketing team to keep a close eye on the dealer level information on daily basis. These solutions also allowed them to bifurcate primary and secondary sales as well as measure the actual achievements that the sales team made. Spinta also developed a comprehensive RO Analysis (CRA) system to make sure the retailers' accounts are regularly maintained.

Customer Mobile App


This Oil and Gas plant faced a lot of trouble in retaining customers and engaging existing customers as well. Customers were highly unimpressed by their products and services due to which brand value and customer loyalty seemed like a distant dream.

Spinta Solution:

Spinta derived a technological solution to make sure that the customers who arrive at the Retail outlets with bonus points get the best out of their visit. The customer mobile application kept track of the previous purchase history along with recommendations to the customers about issues like insurance, vehicle servicing or POC. This application helps the user to keep track of their fuel expenses and trip details as well as information like the nearest retail shop available using GPS.

Client: Manufacturing

Accurate, easily available and real-time information is the key to a successful organization with multiple role-based departments. This manufacturing unit had a requirement give information access to all the employees and managers who are always on-the-go. Spinta in collaboration with its technological partner KloudData developed a SAP solution for this requirement and address all the issues that this manufacturing unit had been facing for a while.


There was a lot of demand to operate the SAP applications using mobile devices. There were delays in providing access approval to managers working around the world. The technicians faced difficulties in finishing their routine tasks. The service delivery was not consistent and there were frequent troubles. User experiences were not pleasant and most users often complained about the lack of user-friendliness of the mobile application.

Spinta Solution:

Spinta with the help of its technological partner KloudData developed a SAP apps. These apps were developed keeping in mind the functioning of the manufacturing company’s environment. These applications made sure that business activities were simpler and faster using mobile devices. Customer satisfaction levels improved due to the responsive and coherent interface. Business activities caught pace with reduced overall turnaround time. The entire approach became customer centric due to which time was save and productivity was increased as the end user was exposed to only specific information. Approval cycle was 60% better within a year of execution.

Client: Retail and Ecommerce

Application-loaded, hand-held devices as well as enterprise mobility have painted a completely new picture in the world of sales across the globe. There are new applications being developed to just cater to this need of the hour. These applications make sure that the sales representatives are more productive and active which in turn results into better sales and company performance!


The major problem when it came to sales order records was the entry that had to be done manually. Due to the manual entry system, there was a lack of the visibility on available-to-order inventory. Along with these issues, there were issues related to customer/retailer credit checks and the administration was unable to address the customer/retailer problems on priority. Other problems were regarding the inaccuracy in stock movement data which led to damage in production and distribution planning. There was a need to keep track on the secondary sales and create sales order along with other basic reports. Quick checks were to be kept on customer/retailer’s history, product availability and other offers. The main need of the hour was an intuitive Mobile Application with a versatile Mobile Application Framework to connect the front-end with the backend SAP ERP system.

Spinta Solution:

Spinta along with its technological partner KloudData, made sure technological help that this retail and ecommerce client needed was provided. A bidirectional mobile app framework was developed. Due to this, the users could track all the latest products and also confirm the availability of the products. Review of all the new orders placed and previous order history could be done. This implementation enabled the entire sales force to create sales order and track the inventory in real-time. This elevated their productivity and made the entire function smooth and effective.