The 3-step Katalyst Process explores all the scopes to maximize your business growth with an effective course of action



Evaluate and nurture the initial spark

  • Evaluate and refine the proposed business plan
  • Brainstorm strategies to identify high potential market segments
  • Provide legal assistance to incorporate startups and to protect tangible Intellectual Properties
  • Identify technology and infrastructure requirements



Refine, validate and finalize a Minimum Viable Product

  • Evaluate market opportunities and focus on building high value use cases
  • Develop partial or complete modules of the minimally viable product
  • Use beta testing to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the solution
  • Execute Proof of Concepts with early customers on real world use cases



Win customers, establish credibility and create market value

  • Create value based packaging and pricing for solution
  • Work towards closing deals with initial customers
  • Create and execute branding strategy through multiple media channels
  • Connect to investors to fund the venture for growth