The Genius Behind Spinta

Joydeep Das

Joydeep is the ‘get stuff done’ guy at Spinta. He can be found spearheading and enabling its stakeholders with all things strategy and operations. Hyper-focused on results, he is a visionary and a pragmatist – constantly learning and adopting innovative ways to achieve team goals. Serving in key senior management and R&D roles in Sybase, SAP, Fuzzy Logix, KloudData, and others across five countries has helped his cause. As a long-time resident of Silicon Valley, Joydeep has actively and visibly contributed to several revolutions in the data management and analytics world as a technologist, as a business executive, and as an evangelist. He is now on a mission at Spinta – to speed up startups’ path to success. Joydeep is a graduate of University Of Toronto and Bangalore University.