The Leadership Behind Spinta

Namit Raisurana

Namit is a software engineer, data analyst, product manager and an avid skier. He is a unique combination of Engineering brain with a Product & Business mindset. He is an Engineer by trade and now works as a Product Manager at Facebook building analytics and insights products for millions of advertisers. For the past 15 years, Namit has been engineering ‘insights-driven’ software and solutions for the enterprise. His product mindset has led him to release the first insights products built on Instagram & Oculus. He has built software applications from scratch to systems eventually supporting millions in revenue.

He is a serial entrepreneur and has built / mentored / advised various startups from ground up. His most recent venture called iZofy is a hit in the Global market hitting 50,000 downloads in under 6 months. Namit has also done angel investment in companies like Metric Insights &

He is a global leader and has worked in India, Australia, Singapore, & United States. Namit completed his Masters with a specialization in Business Intelligence from Monash University, Australia. He is also a Guest Speaker at Big Data classes at Stanford University.