The Leadership Behind Spinta

Prashant Parekh

Prashant is Founder and Chief Entrepreneur Officer for Spinta!

He is passionate about keeping Spinta and Spinta Ventures portfolio companies Running, Sprinting and Winning!

With over 30 years in Silicon Valley as Angel Investor, Mentor, Entrepreneur and leadership experience with over two dozen companies including several successful exits, he still is as excited as a first time entrepreneur about replicating the ‘Silicon Valley Model’ at other Spinta accelerators in Washington DC, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Singapore and Bangkok.

He is absolutely convinced that a start-up using SGAN (Spinta Global Accelerator Network) can design a product in Washington DC or Singapore, Build it in Pune, Nagpur Get funded in Silicon Valley and Test Market in Bangkok!

When he is not discussing new start-up ideas with entrepreneurs at Fremont Mission Pizza over Will’s Wild Vegi special and Gluten-free Beer or Trekking Mission Peak with colleagues from Spinta portfolio companies, he is often found challenging friends over a game of squash at Club Sports!

His corner office at Spinta HQ is just another place for him to catch-up with the team on what’s next?

Prashant can be reached on Linkedin at