US – INDIA Cross Border

DeepTech Accelerator Program

Silicon Valley Immersion program offered by Spinta Global Accelerator in partnership with NASSCOM 10000 Warehouse and Reliance GENNEXT HUB




  • Startup Warehouse Program is a joint initiative between NASSCOM 10000 Startups and the respective State governments.
  • It is a connected network of startup hubs across the country to help startups jumpstart their idea with the help of infrastructure, knowledgesharing and connections
  • Presence in over six cities – Connected over 1350 startups with mentors, investors and accelerators / incubators


  • Silicon Valley based Global accelerator focused on bringing innovations faster to market.
  • Co-working, Mentoring, Events, Funding Support, Engineering Support, Market/Customer Validation
  • Presence in Silicon Valley, Maryland/Washington DC, Singapore, Bangkok, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur.


  • Reliance GENNEXT is one of India's largest and most successful accelerator.
  • An accelerator with access to funding from Seed to Series-A, mobile test labs, mentors from successful companies.

About the Program

US - India Cross border Deeptech Accelerator Program offered as ADD - ON to NASSCOM 10K Startups or GENNEXT Acceleration.

5 Start - ups to be selected from NASSCOM 10K Warehouse and GENNEXTHUBS.

1 Month Silicon Valley immersion & 1 month India 'prep' program.

Mentoring on Business/Revenue , Go-to Market, MVP development, Product Market fit design, Technology Architecture.

1% equity and $5k for 240 hours of technology and Product development. All expenses related to travel & visa will be borne by start-ups.

About the Silicon Valley Immersion

What the Start-Up’s will get during their US visit.

Product &Technology Dev Support

Tech-Stack Architecture and product design consulting support.

Open Tech Stack based development.

Mobile Development, BI/Analytics, Chat-BOT, IoT, AI/ML development support to augment/supplement core product offering.

Investor Mentor and Partner Connect

One investor / demo day.

Investor, mentor and customer meetings.

Invite to Partner Events.

AMA(Ask me anything) with Spinta Partners, Mentors and Investors.

Office hours(guidance) on key technology trends.

Eco-System Connect

Campus visits, Personal meetings, email introductions with key ecosystem partner such as:

  • Tech Companies
  • Incubators/Accelerators
  • Start-up's/Corporate
  • Law Firms
  • Venture Capital Firms

Co-Working Space

Hot desk for 2 people at Fremont office including meeting rooms during the one month program.

Additional 30 days of Spinta office throughout the year.

Use of Spinta office as US office address up to 1 year.

Please Note: Travel, boarding, lodging and local transportation or any other expenses will be borne by the Start-Up.

MLP(Minimum Lovable Product)

What is MLP?

Development of a Minimum Lovable Software Product – cloud / web / mobile based prototype hat helps in validating product – market fit with a demo product to initial customer/s and user/s.

How quick it can be developed

Most standard ideas can be developed into an MLP in 120 – 200 hours*. Hence as part of the program we provide 120 hrs towards the development of MLP, any additional development hours can be purchased at $20 per hour during the program period.

Cost of MLP


  • 120 hrs towards the development of MLP

Workflow for a Standard MLP Development

* Additional hours can be purchased in the quantum of 100 hours at the rate of $20 per hour.

MLP Development Tools and Technologies

Open Source Programming Languages

  • PHP
  • Go
  • Perl
  • Python
  • JavaScript

Open Source Databases

  • MySQ
  • PostgreSQ
  • Mongo

Open Source Distribute computing

  • Hadoop

Other Open Source Applications

Proprietary framework to deliver faster to market products on MOBILITY / IOT / BI / ANALYTICS / ML / AI

mUnite Framework(Android/IOS):
Acts as the middleware framework enabling heterogeneous backend systems to connect to heterogeneous front-end mobile devices/operating systems.
Adaptive Analytics Framework(BI/Analytics Framework):
Enterprise grade Adaptive Analytics Framework helps companies leverage the power of advanced analytics. This framework is used to build both prebuilt and custom analytics solutions.
KloudKare Framework:
Plug-and-Play solutions under KloudKare Framework cover a comprehensive array of modules encompassing ERP, Healthcare Analytics, Clinician Engagement Modules, and Asset Traceability capabilities using IoT technology
Development stack can vary based on the MLP requirements. Any tools and technologies beyond above will be subject to discussion

Case Study

One of the Portfolio Company of Spinta Accelerators, PurpleData got acquired and they have been helped with our MVP model in a quick turn around time. now, is completely live with its CRM offering total crm solutions with integration of Chat Bot, beta of AI and ML.


Terms and Conditions

*The program fee is non-refundable. Even if the selected start-up does not get visa, Spinta will not be responsible.