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Learning by doing!

The SPARK program has been developed to offer all the participants, the much required frameworks and competencies to start building a Minimum Loveable Product - MLP.

In addition to the coaching provided by Institute of Product Leadership, SPARK provides the engineering resources required to build a working MVP from your product idea. The coaching and mentoring from Silicon Valley mentors, as well as the (optional) immersion visit to Silicon Valley companies and VCs can just be necessary ingredient to tip your idea from also-ran to unicorn!

This is not a just presentation or a pitch – you actually get to transform your product idea into a real MLP (Minimum Loveable Product), coached and validated by Silicon Valley product practitioners.


By registering for the program,

  • You open doors to the pool of knowledge that we have at Spinta Global Accelerator
  • Get to know the benefits of participating in SPARK program from the horse’s mouth
  • Opportunity to network with people who’ve made successful companies from their product ideas

Registration Fees: $26

Program Fees:
$5,000 per person
$9,000 per startup team (up to 3 members)

For the optional Silicon Valley immersion: Travel, boarding and F&B costs for one week are borne by the participant(s)

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